Anti-vibration Rubber Products

Our anti-vibration rubber products use rubber developed using our polymer materials technology, boasting flexibility, damping, and reliability, efficiently absorbing the vibrations from the engine and road surface to help contribute to a comfortable vehicle space.


Our automotive hoses run the length and breadth of the inside of vehicle chassis and are prized for their technology which combine rubber and resin.

Automotive hoses are used in many parts of the vehicle from around the engine to around the fuel tank due to their superior heat resistance, impact and vibration absorption and light weight properties.

Interior Equipment, Sound Controlling & Insulation Products

There are many sources of noise in an automobile, including the engine. Our sound controlling and insulation products shut out these noises and keep the inside of the cabin quiet.

Our original urethane is used for the engine cover due to its heat resistance and sound absorption and insulating properties, realizing a high degree of noise reduction even on engine parts with high temperatures.