We aspire to become a Global Excellent Manufacturing Company. A corporation that contributes to safety, comfort, and the environment for people, society, and the earth.

Since 1988, we have followed the motto that “Our Associates are our Most Valuable Resource”. We take great pride in satisfying our customer’s needs and provides the highest quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional service.

SumiRiko Ohio, Inc., SumiRiko Tennessee, Inc., and S-Riko Automotive Hose de Chihuahua, S.A.P.I. de C.V. supply the automotive industry with top-of-the-line products. Our anti-vibration products enhance comfort, soundscape, and road handling.

Our hose products carry fluids while resisting heat and absorbing vibration. Our soundproof/interior products reduce vehicle noise enhancing the driver experience. We are a division of Sumitomo Riko Company Limited that has a wide-reaching footprint in the “Automotive (Mobility)”, “Infrastructure and Housing Environment”, “Electronics”, and “Healthcare”.

SumiRiko Ohio and SumiRiko Tennessee manufacture and sell a wide variety of anti-vibration rubber products such as hydraulic and conventional engine mounts, body mounts, engine drivelines, exhaust isolation mountings, and body isolation products.

SumiRiko Tennessee and S-Riko Automotive Hose de Chihuahua specialize in a complete line of automotive hose products, including rubber and plastic high pressure fuel hoses along with vapor hoses. They also manufacture urethane sound reduction products.

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Our automotive products provide further comfort as well as safety and security to drivers and passengers. Our anti-vibration products enhance comfort, soundscape, and road handling by reducing vibration and noise caused by the engine and road surface.

Anti-vibration Rubber

Our anti-vibration rubber products use rubber developed with our polymer materials technology.


Automotive hoses are used in many parts of the vehicle from around the engine to around the fuel tank.

Interior Equipment

Interior parts such as headrests and armrests have a pleasant texture and excellent shock resistance.

Research and Development

The properties and characteristics required of products are becoming more sophisticated, with demands for safety, comfort, and environmental compliance. One of our core competencies is “polymer materials technology”, which is based on the technologies of compounding, synthesizing, and modifying, and we will use this to provide solutions to the demands of society through research and development to create new functional materials and parts.

Design and Analysis

Product design technology ensures the final product, not just the individual parts, meet the required performance and reliability benchmarks. Our Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis technology enables precise performance predictions and optimized design for our rubber and resin products. By making the most of such technology at the design stage, we can foresee the needs of our customers so that we are able to develop and provide more reliable, higher quality products.

Prototypes and Evaluation

As a system supplier, our core competency, “Comprehensive Evaluation Technology,” is the process of analyzing and verifying materials, from a variety of perspectives. For example, we have established evaluation technology for evaluating a completed vehicle with all the parts fitted which gives us an insight into the necessity of the part that we cannot see by examining the part by itself. This enables us to accurately perceive the sophisticated needs of the end user and provide solutions while providing products with a high degree of reliability.

CSR Information

Sumitomo Riko aims to realize “Global Excellent Manufacturing Company” which we define as a company that contributes to safety, comfort and the environment of human beings, society, and the earth.

The CSR activities that we are promoting are value creation-based, designed to meet the expectations of society while contributing to our sustainable growth and development.

In view of the Sumitomo Spirit, including “integrity and sound management” and to “not pursue immoral business,” and in accordance with the Sumitomo Riko Group Management Philosophy, we will create corporate and social value with a strong sense of ethical values and autonomous and responsible behavior to aspire to be a Global Excellent Manufacturing Company.


With the changing development environment and manufacturing systems of our customers, particularly automobile manufacturers, there is a growing need for a stable supply of goods with a unified quality around the world.

In response to these market needs, Sumitomo Riko is actively expanding on a global scale. We are developing products and maintaining supply systems at five different axes around the world to establish ourselves as a global systems supplier. We currently do business in more than 20 countries worldwide.