Our anti-vibration rubber products, manufactured at SumiRiko Ohio and SumiRiko Tennessee, use rubber developed with our polymer materials technology, boasting flexibility, damping, and reliability, efficiently absorbing the vibrations from the engine and road surface to help contribute to a comfortable vehicle space.

Heat-resistant Rubber Products

Engine Mounts

Adaptive Hydraulic Engine Mounts

Exhaust Pipe Supports

Our heat-resistant rubber, an achievement of our high-polymer materials technology, delivers twice the heat resistance of conventional mounts for long-lasting reliability. This contributes to long-term reliability.

Appropriately tuned, adaptive hydraulic engine mounts reduce the vibration generated by engines, contributing to both comfort and stable handling.

Chassis Parts

Suspension Bushings

Suspension Member Mounts

Strut Mounts

Adaptive Hydraulic Suspension Bushings

Our rubber materials endowed with twice the durability of conventional materials contribute to improved reliability and product down scaling.

Sealing the insides of rubber bushings with liquid for greater damping force and an optimal spring constant realizes both a smooth ride and stable handling.

Lightweight Parts

Engine Mounts with resin brackets

Torque Rods with resin brackets

Urethane Bound Stoppers

Resin Dust Covers

Our products designed by exploiting the characteristics of glass fiber-reinforced resins are robust and lightweight, helping improve automotive fuel efficiency.

The shape design in combination with meticulous material selection to exploit key material characteristics delivers gains in performance and reliability. These easily recyclable, lightweight products have excellent environmental credentials.

Active Control Products & Dampers

Electrical Active Control Mounts

Vibration Cancellation Systems

These high-performance devices are optimized for engines which comply with environmental regulations. Real-time modulation of the spring constant and phase realizes a quiet ride in a wide range of conditions.

Dynamic Dampers

Installed in automotive subassemblies, devices which control vibrational engine values suppress vibration to deliver more comfortable and quieter driving.