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Our Mission

Toward becoming a Global Excellent Manufacturing Company
A corporation that contributes to safety, comfort, and the environment for people, society, and the earth.

Creating New Values

Our products and services are the crystallization of our continuous efforts at the core of MONOZUKURI, under the motto of “Creating New Value.” To further improve Safety, Comfort, and the Environment of people.

Safety, Environment,
Compliance, and Quality

“Safety, Environment, Compliance, and Quality (S.E.C.Q.)” are the basic tenets of our business, and it is our utmost aim to provide our customers with an enriched standard of living. Ensuring our quality control is of the highest standard. We have only started our journey as Sumitomo Riko pursues its business activities continuously.

Business Value

Our primary vision is to create business value. Increasing the company’s competitiveness in the automotive market. Offering the best product and a high level of service to consistently meet the needs of the customer.

The goal is pursued through continuous efforts in terms of:

Development capacity, production, and constant improvement of the product.
To meet and satisfy the customer’s requirement in a flexible and economical way.
Promotion preventing the occurrence, repetition, and propagation of quality issues.
Development of human resources to systematically increase the skills and motivation of workers.
Comply with requirement and continual improvement of the Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001 and ISO TS models.

Our Philosophy

Based on the Sumitomo Spirit

Our Business Principles

The Sumitomo Spirit has been refined through the generations for 400 years based on the Founder’s Precepts “Monjuin Shiigaki,” which Masatomo Sumitomo, the founder of the Sumitomo family, wrote and handed on to describe how a merchant should conduct business.

The basic points of the Sumitomo Spirit have been passed on in the form of the two articles of the Business Principles as management guidelines of Sumitomo companies.


Takeo Endoh

遠藤 建世

President- SumiRiko Ohio, Inc.

Message from the President

At SumiRiko Ohio, SumiRiko Tennessee, and S-Riko Automotive Hose de Chihuahua, we take great pride in our commitment to the motto of Safety First and Quality Must. By setting Safety as our number one priority, we strive to be a company that cares for its people by working diligently to ensure their health and well-being, both in the workplace and at home.

In addition to our high safety standards, we must also guarantee Quality in all our products. We will always aim to deliver top quality goods to our customers through continuous improvement to our manufacturing processes and dedication to craftsmanship.

In alignment with our parent company, we conduct business according to the Sumitomo Spirit, a philosophy that has endured for 400 years as a part of the culture of the Sumitomo Group.

The spirit of absolute trust and ethical integrity, originating from the spirit of  萬事入精(Banji-Nissei)which in Japanese means, “Do your best in everything”, continues to be a driving force of our company’s current and future achievements. These traditions remain vital to the prolonged success of our business as we adapt to the rapidly changing economic market.